Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions

Along with the Pete Seeger CD, we also grabbed this gem, in which the Boss covers a bunch of songs that Pete Seeger performed, in a really awesome way. He has a really great way of making these songs all feel fresh and new, but also honoring them as roots songs. You've got fiddles and banjos and honky tonk pianos and gospel backing vocals-- it really rocks.

My favorite by far is "Oh Mary Don't You Weep". I am not sure I've heard it sung this way. For instance, the version Pete Seeger sings is in a major key and fairly upbeat. Bruce's version is bluesy and in a minor key, and it simply rocks. I have been playing this song every time I pick up my guitar, and have had repeat disease with the track in my car. Emma and Avery are singing it too-- Avery's version is "arrows army got drownded, ooh mary don't you eat?" But that's folk music for you, its allowed to change.

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