Hold on - What's Hungry Plant?

I read and listen to as much as I can, and I think waaay to much. As such, I've got a lot to say. So this evening I am by myself, our dinner party cancelled because poor Salina is sick, and I thought, since I am a geek, what better way to spend the evening than to set up a blog?

I've just posted a bunch of reviews I've done in a private forum. This is not going to be primarily a review blog, though if you like what I've done there, let me know. Otherwise, expect a bit more eclectic set in the future.

When I take notes in meetings, phonecalls, classes, or whatever, I tend to doodle a lot. A doodle I've been doing a lot lately is this man eating plant. Since this blog is a bit like taking notes, I thought it was appropriate.

As far as me, I am interested in my daughters, my wife, my dog, the rest of my family, my work as a software programmer, website design and applications, songwriting, music, history, politics, and recently, working out, though in the trying-not-to-get-fat not the i-can-bench-300 way.

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