The Howling Octopus

Sometime in the last few years, my girls and I invented a creature known as "the howling octopus". Any stories we make up involving the ocean, in any way, must include this invention.

"It is theorized that the howling octopus is related to the North Sea Kraken"

Now, my girls do not know it is made up. In fact, a few weeks ago, my youngest said "Dad, I know the howling octopus is not real". I probed a bit and found out her buddies at preschool had spilled the beans. So I asked if she believed everything they said, and anyway eventually I convinced her (without outright lying, a skill i build at Christmas and other holidays) there still was such a thing.

Here is my daughters' current understanding of the beast (straight from their mouths):

  • It is an octopus
  • It howls
  • It is very large
  • It is omnivorous
  • It is the second largest underwater animal (not as big as the blue whale)
  • Its a humongous animal
  • Its an underwater animal
  • It lives in sea
  • It lives way at the bottom
  • They live alone
  • If they feel lonely, they howl.

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