Bassdrive (online Radio)

Although I usually listen to KEXP at work (when I am listening at all), whenever I need to really focus and get in a zone I will hop over to BassDrive.

BassDrive is a 24/7 drum and bass radio station featuring live shows with guest DJs, as well as broadcasts from venues all over the world representing the best of drum and bass & jungle music. BassDrive is also a new record label promoting US drum and bass. BassDrive internet radio offers superior sound quality in comparison to other online drum n bass and techno radio stations. Please tune in by clicking one of the tune-in buttons in the top right corner. Please refer to our help section if you experience problems listening to our online radio.

The DJs are located in spots all over the world, and can run their shows remotely from wherever they are. This gives you flavors from many different drum and bass scenes across the world. I am no expert on drum and bass but I know I like it. Much better than some of the more popular electronic music styles. I really like the liquid styles, and I also like anytime they incorporate latin and/or jazz elements. The only thing I don't like are a few DJs that feel the need to rap over the top of the tracks. And usually not well...

But anyway, especially when I am hunkering down to write software for a few hour stretch, this music really helps me focus.

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