Earnest Hemmingway - The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

I got this disc from the library. Each story is one disc so it was very quick.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro is about a rich couple on safari and the guy
gets gangrene in his leg and they are stuck waiting to be picked up
and he dies. The point of the story seems to be that rich people are
boring snobs, and so, it is a bit boring.

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber is about another rich couple,
Francis and his trophy wife, on safari. This time they have a white
hunter as a guide. The crux of the story is that Francis shows his
cowardice when they hunt a lion, shoot it, go into the push and find
it, and he runs away screaming like a girl when the lion charges.
His wife thinks he's a coward and ends up sleeping with the white
hunter, and things get really awkward. Next day they go hunting
buffalo and Francis finds his courage... and his wife shoots him
"accidentally". It was a lot more interesting

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