The Economist

Several months ago my wife bought me a subscription to this excellent
publication. I have picked it up now and then through the years and
been impressed, but I have to say reading it weekly really enhances
your understanding of world events. It is a more libertarian on
economic issues than I am, and some articles betray an elitist
perspective (and I don't mean imagined "can't bowl" elitist, but real
"doesn't understand what it's like to go without" elitist). But other
than that, generally presents things factually and with little bias.
And I never have had a problem reading opinion I disagree with, it is
usually healthy.

The articles are very readable, but never shallow, and usually short
enough to fit in the random windows of time I find to read. However,
it runs around a hundred pages, about 75% non-ad, so there is no way I
can actually read the entire thing in just a week-- and still have
time to read anything else. In fact, I am sure it's the Economist
that has slowed my reading down lately (that, and going back to
college). But it's worth it.

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