HuckleBerry Finn - Mark Twain

I have never read Tom Sawyer or this book and I have always wanted
too. When I saw this on CD at the library I just had to pick it up.

It is _easily_ in my top twenty book list. I enjoyed every second of
it, crazy grin on my face most of the time I was listening too it, and
belly laughs every other minute. There are so many crazy twists and
surprises, and hilarious lines and situations, and the southern style
of speaking used in Huck's narration is just priceless. The
adventurousness of the thing and the wildness of the American South in
those days is also very fun stuff. I really identified with the
subplot of Huck always suggesting the straightforward way of doing
something, and Tom always wanting to do things complicated and "with
style", and winning out-- I work with a lot of people like that!

The underlying story of Jim's (the runaway slave) struggle to get
freedom, especially while tangled up with the frivolous schemes of
Tom, is very bittersweet. Huck's own internal struggle of his
upbringing of believing slavery is good and freeing a slave is theft,
versus his love for Jim and willingness to help him get to freedom, is
also very compelling and interesting.

This is a must read piece of American literature and deserves its
place as an American classic. Do yourself a favor and read it!

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