The Matrix

Salina had to watch this movie for her "Utopia in Performance" class
at UW Bothell. It had been several years since we've seen it. The
special effects, the story, the philosophy and even some of the acting
are very good, and it is very entertaining (I hope the futurology is
wrong but I wonder...). The story thread where the Agent explains
that the original Matrix was Utopian, but that people kept trying to
"wake up" because a perfect life did not seem "right" is fascinating.

I have a hard time getting past the silliness of the idea that the
whole reason this Matrix exists is because the machines want to use
humans as batteries. It makes zero sense to try to use an animal as a
battery, and if it somehow did make sense, then why not use a stupider
animal-- one that would not require an elaborate artificial world?

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