Sasquatch 2008

Salina and I got to meet up with some friends at the the Sasquatch music festival this year. We only stayed Saturday and Sunday-- though we are bummed to have missed the Flaming Lips and so many other awesome bands that played Monday.

Some random notes:

  • REM still rocks big time, completely full of energy even in the pouring rain. Michael Stipe was a livewire.

  • I am a bigger fan of the Cure than I knew, and even though they are ancient (Smith looked like a fat old woman), they still sound exactly like the Cure, and they played a 2.5+ hour set!

  • Michael Franti rocks

  • MIA RAWKS-- she brought about 100 audience members on stage for about two songs, it was insane and probably dangerous-- but awesome. Her visuals on the jumbotrons were fantastic. And the bass and the jumping crowd, ridiculous.

  • Death Cab was also really great.

Anyway, this video shows off about 2/3rds of the bands we saw (for instance, Dave Bazan was great, not many people can pull off an entire site with an electric guitar and vocal and that's all, but no video of that) -- the old camera I brought was not always cooperative and I forgot to swap in more memory.

Notes to self for next time-- bring more water, more clothes and more cash!

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