The B-52's - The B-52's

This album just rocks. Avery loves it, I love it, Emma loves it. In fact I completely lost my voice this week in no small part because of shouting "Rock Lobster!" and singing "Planet Claire" (our hands down favorites). "Planet Claire" is especially connecting for Avery because they are doing an astronomy unit at preschool. Avery laughs out loud at the lines "Planet Claire has pink air" and "no one has a head!" and repeats them to people who have no idea who the B-52's are.

This album came out in 1979. 12 years later when I really discovered music, in the form of "alternative" music, I thought it was so cutting edge and radical. But most of the "innovative" ideas and sounds I was hearing are already there in this album from a decade before. Of course, many of the alternative stars of the early 90's were quick to credit new wave as having inspired to them.

I really love Fred Schneider's spoken vocals behind Pierson powerhouse female voice and Wilson's new wave harmonies. I first became familiar with this style (shouting dude, crooning chick) via the Sugarcubes, but of course the B-52's own this sound. I would love to hear a new band pick up this method and figure out a way to pull it off without ripping it off.

Anyway, definitely a keeper.

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