Save non-commercial Internet radio!

I can't believe I missed this, but came across this at

...the Copyright Royalty Board is demanding online radio stations pay increased royalty rates of 300 to 1200 percent, due retroactively to the beginning of the year. On Monday, the CRB denied all appeals, and so unless Congress intervenes, the non-commercial radio world will be hushed. And the dead horse being whipped? The idea that radio is a direct means of revenue rather than promotion. Advertisers pay radio stations, and radio stations pay royalties. Unless a radio station has advertisers, it can’t pay increased royalties. All the while, the exposure an artist receives is ignored. If this bothers you, join the shout out to Congress.

There are tons of radio stations online that play music nobody else will play, and most of them play without advertisements. This means they probably have no revenue. But I'm willing to bet that the artists and record labels whose music are played get more than the royalties missed back in the form of exposure. I have bought many an album because I heard it on a non-commercial radio station.

So, if you care about artists other than the current top 40 being given exposure, go here

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