The Call of the Wild - Jack London

This is a fantastic book.  For whatever reason, I never read it in Junior or High School when it is apparently customary for people to read Jack London.  But I've always wanted to.

I love the way London illuminates Buck's (the protagonist in the story -- a Saint Bernard/Shepard mix) feelings and thoughts.  It is actually impressive the degree to which his descriptions of the dog's state of mind and motivations matches modern concepts of how dogs think (at least, based on my understanding from reading various Puppy training and Dog books).

I retold the story to my 6 and 8 year old over a few nights, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope to read it to them in a few years.

There are also a few short stories at the end of the Audio Book version I listened too.  "To Build A Fire" is an amazingly done story of a man who freezes to death in the Yukon.

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