Twilight - the Movie

Well, my wife and I had to watch this, being Forks natives. It was about what I expected. First of all, it is a high-school movie, which for the most part I can't stand as a genre (with a few exceptions such as Saved and Mean Girls -- both of which actually have the same plot if you break it down). Second, the town of Forks is fairly poorly represented.

  • The high school isn't that nice
  • The parking lot is not full of Mercedes and Volvos (try Fords and Toyotas, lots of pickups)
  • There are no sleek modern mansions like the Cullen's
  • Our proms are not that fancy
  • Going surfing is not a general pastime. A few do it, mostly tourists, but the ocean is wicked cold there
  • It is a flat city
  • There are no bridges in the middle of town
  • There isn't as much racial diversity
  • Oh yeah, and there are NO VAMPIRES! (Or werewolves)
However, it has brought a lot of tourism to my hometown, so I shouldn't complain!

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