Star Trek

I watched this last night. I don't have much time to write about it, but I thought it was fantastic. I watched all the original Star Treks when I was 7 and 8 years old, and many times after that. I think they did a decent job honoring the original concepts and characters (McCoy was spot on) while giving it a fresh spin. They managed to give Kirk's Earth a very near-future feel, not too far out except the space ships and aliens. Though I really wanted to know why Uhura ordered so many drinks (do they come in mini shot glasses in the future?). The Romulan ship was so awesome and the Enterprise got a good update while still being pretty much the same ship.

I was, with everyone, annoyed at the "Siberius" vs. "Tiberius" business, however, perhaps they can fudge this by saying it was the alternate timeline that made the difference. Although "Siberius" is not a real name, and "Tiberius" is... Oh well.

I think they also did a great job engineering an alternate plot line for future movies. Although for all the time traveling in previous shows and movies they always manage to avoid altering their present timeframe, so to have them end up in an alternate future is a change of tradition. I can't wait for the next one in this line, I wonder what they'll call it? I also loved how the end looped back to the series with the original theme music and Spock doing the intro.

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carmen said...

Joe, i'm sure Dad would've loved watching this w/ you know what a trek-ky (SP?) he is :)
good to hear you got to do something fun for you